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In an ever changing environment successful leaders need to make decisions based on ALL available facts

Today will be yesterday by tomorrow!

BE PREPARED – Global Business Radar a Horvath & Partners innovation

So far every generation had its misjudgments when it came to innovation. Today you can get around such pitfalls by using state-of-the-art technology to gain insights on innovation and realize information advantages for your business.

The Global Business Radar is using powerful advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to provide your business with a strategic advantage!

Focus Areas

The Global Business Radar is the answer for all your business needs.




Research & Development

Risk Management

Support your judgement based on a steadily growing database with over 200 Mio documents and over 1,000 sources


The Global Business Radar is a software based on natural language processing (NLP) algorithms which detect relevant trends, innovations, market actors and risks & opportunities. Analyzing public opinion, the Global Business Radar automatically evaluates and quantifies changes in perception and bias for basically every possible topic. As the software is based on machine learning, the algorithm continuously learns and adapts to the customer’s needs with every use.

Trend analysis

Detect trends before competitors do.

Opinion valuation

Get feedback for products and markets based on millions of data sets.

Bias analysis

Realize if a market knows your company and products.

Risk & Opportunity Matrix

Identify your growth potentials for products and markets.

Relationship dependencies

See dependencies with all external partners.

Monitor public opinion and the change in relationships to stakeholders

The Global Business Radar - use cases

A game changer in strategic decision making


Forecasting price developments

Scope of work

  • Identification of explicit data points for forecasting price developments
  • Secure an effective enhancement of strategic and operational planning
  • Integration of the solution in the planning process


  • Significant increase in accuracy of forecasting price developments for products
  • Reduction of labor cost by 50%
  • Integration of an automated process


Product placement for foreign market entry

Scope of work

  • Analysis of product fit for foreign market entry
  • Identification of product trends and geographical differences in customer demand
  • Ranking of products based on KPIs like customer demand, product specification and distribution channel


  • Substitution of local surveys for customer feedback
  • Product placement decision based on millions of documents
  • Complete analysis for a product based on customer demand, product specification and distribution channel


Integration of early warning system based on Big Data

Scope of work

  • Identification of relevant counterparty risk data for the company
  • Set-up of a KPI based evaluation of information
  • Integration into a dashboard for risk analysis and management reporting


  • Substitution of local surveys for customer feedback
  • Product placement decision based on millions of documents
  • Set-up of an algorithm to identify on a daily basis relevant information
  • Evaluation of data and integration into an KPI Dashboard
  • Integration of measures and activities for action for relevant events

Understand innovation trends and customer behavior

Our Service Models

Analytics on Demand

Enhance your consulting experience with custom-made advanced analytics insight!

  • Collaborative definition of client-specific use cases
  • Develop valuable insights through a combination of advanced analytics, business and consulting know-how
  • Management presentation (one-time or reiterating) elaborates on key findings and provides strategic recommendations

Customized Solutions

Use your own tailor-made advanced analytics solution!

  • Collaborative definition of client-specific use cases and tool requirements
  • Implementation of a tailor-made advanced analytics solution (hosted by Horváth & Partners or on-site)
  • Comprehensive handover, training and lessons learned sessions
  • Continuous support and new developments

Detect risks before they affect your company

Our expert team!

Our goal is to find the right technology to support your business with state-of-the-art big data, advanced analytics and machine learning solutions. Based on the Global Business Radar, we will also find the right solution for your company!

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Be prepared: The Global Business Radar – A game changer in making strategic decisions

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